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Choosing a Domain Name and Web Hosting

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In this short article, we simplify the concept of the domain name and your web hosting and give you the understanding you need to begin making the best decisions. The Internet is simply an interconnection of billions of computers all around the world, linked by technological architecture. And what goes on on the Internet is pretty simple to understand; people make requests through their computers, for specific data or media, and that information is sent to that particular computer.

Web Hosting

Come to think of it; all that Internet information must be coming from somewhere. Yes, it is stored information, being sent on request, to your particular computer. All of this information is stored on computers called servers, which respond to requests from millions of computers all around the world for the information they host. There comes the idea of hosting. Normally, you’d keep your information yourself, but you might not have the computing power and the resources needed to serve that information to several millions of people 24/7 from all over the world.

So hosting companies buy the storage space, computing power and the Internet connection necessary to handle the Web hosting of your website. They rent out these services to end users who may not otherwise have the money to buy and maintain a server.

The question now is how much space you need online, the internet speed you’ll want your website media to be shared with, and the bandwidth you need. The type of website you want to build will ultimately determine each of these factors, which play on the overall price of the Webhosting package you decide to buy. And like every product on the market, it takes an experienced hand to know who is a reliable supplier, and which supplier of Webhosting has the most perks to offer their clients at the best prices.

Domain Names

When your server keeps your website information, the next question is how computers find each other on the Internet, and how that information knows where to go. Each computer on the Internet has a unique address while it is on-line called an IP address. Which is generally written down as a series of numbers, usually 12. This helps computers know who is requesting data, and who they are requesting it from.

Phone numbers are hard enough to memorize. Imagine trying to memorize IP addresses of your favourite 15 websites. To make things easier, a system for reconciling easy to remember names of websites referred to as domain names with IP addresses was developed, and now, you can give your website a nice and easy to remember names such as christdev.com or google.com.

Choosing a domain name is like naming a baby. Names make very powerful first impressions and everything about your organization from the professional email accounts to your branding will be linked to that domain name. For this reason, be sure to get the advice of experts when choosing your domain name, so that you get to choose the best available domain name for your website. Another interesting thing about domain names is that they are universal. Once one is taken, that name is no longer available. No two websites can have the same domain name, just as each website has a unique IP address. So be sure to get your domain name as soon as possible, and CHRISTDev will be there to help you, get it at the cheapest possible rate on the market!

There are several advantages of getting your web hosting through CHRISTDev and developing your website with us. They include

  1. Assurance of getting your web hosting and domain names at the best prices available anywhere on the market
  2. Attached professional email attached to your own domain name.
  3. Customized installations control panel to manage your website server and databases.
  4. Brilliant and customized designs, giving your website that professional touch that turns visitors into clients.
  5. Timely and powerful customer support, available every step of the way, through your journey of success!

Developing your website with CHRISTDev means you will not have to work about not having access to your website. If at any point you are not satisfied with our services (which is very unlikely) we will not hesitate according to our signed terms of operation to hand over complete control of your website to you.

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Choosing a Domain Name and Web Hosting

Choosing the domain name and web hosting for your website project are two very important steps which are often minimized. At CHRISTDev, we have the expertise to guide you to make the very best choices, and get your project way ahead before you ever publish your website. Learn more.